Pop and Bang? Pop and Gurgle? EXPLAINED!

Pop and Bang? Pop and Gurgle? EXPLAINED!

Pop tunes are very popular in the 1.6T community, at N75 Motorsports we do not feel it is fair to charge a customer for pops and bangs, to the point where we will even show you how we do it!


We pull ignition timing at the right time, and the result is a pop and gurgle exhaust note!

This is why we say we have a safe pop tune. If you look at the map, the car is asking for negative timing just below the RPM range we lower it. This results in a very low stress tune. We have seen other tuner modify the wrong maps which are more dangerous when modded. We suggest customers do their research. The loud pop tunes? Even the ones we make? Those cause more stress, these pop tunes in our opinion are very safe. We even have customers with over 80,000KM on our showtune without issue, and that tune modifies the more dangerous maps. It all comes down to how the tuner does it. 

Here is a picture of two timing maps the Blue is modified by us to get your Pop and Gurgle sound!


We do not charge for pops or gurgles! When ordering a tune from us you will not pay for pops or gurgles for ANY vehicle!

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