Project N2.2 Veloster N DCT

Project N2.2 Veloster N DCT

Codename N2.2 (N2 for the second edition of the VN, .2 for DCT)

Project N2.2 is our new Veloster N DCT development car.

Our goal is simple, to make the fastest modern day, full interior FWD car. 

We will use Whiteline Suspension Components, our HPFP, Wagner Tuning (When available), our stuffed turbo and our tune. Forge Motorsports BBK to reduce weight in wheels, and light weight race wheels. We might use a stuffed EN Turbo.


Add some bracing and this car should fly!


Stay tuned for updates! We will be hitting the dyno with OEM mods (Intake only) to get a base tune before we go nuts!

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